The H2Club is a the culmination of efforts of everyone associated with GIRAFNetwork, Native Ink Studio,, and 4Deep Studio. We all feel that it is vital to give back to the youths in our communities where art, writing, and filmmaking is sorely under-valued. Our public schools have deemed the Arts the least valuable involvment in our schools and the first thing eliminated by those same schools to make way for "educational advancement" when, in fact, we never see any sports program eliminated to make way for school financial stability. This often creates an intense negative air at schools when those same youths have no creative outlets to express themselves in a positive environment. Often times, this leads to gang violence and school drop out. We here at the H2Club are providing that mentorship for youths and schools to keep that educational encouragement that we all need to survive in the stress ridden world of today.


We utilize our artistic and creative efforts to bring students, adults, and any of the community who are interested in learning through artistic endeavors knowledge about how we can each make an impact on our community by becoming involved. H2Club supports itself through donations made to the non-profit organization GIRAFNetwork, by fundraising events, and through going to schools, colleges, or libraries with our Art Awareness in Education lecture series. We can come to your organization or meeting place, provide our lecture and art production panels, as well as promote your own fundraising efforts. We want to work with your organization and youth advocacy groups to empower each of them in the creative fields, letting their education fluorish through the eyes of an artist.

If you or your group are interested in hosting a H2Club event, please contact our Media Operations Director at for scheduling opportunities.

Goal of the H2Club

Art Awareness in Education Lecture Series


The goal of the Art Awareness in Education Lecture Series was to debunk the idea that there is only one way to learn a subject, thus showing that it is not just the student's inability to learn or that a teacher is ineffectual in teaching. The Art Awareness in Education Lecture Series is intended to foment awareness and understanding of the different facets of art educaion by serving as a focal point in which speakers and audience, of a variety of backgrounds, exchange knowledge and experiences as to learning multiple subjects through the delivery of art education. It highlights the complex repercussions art has on many of our daily activities: education, health, work, leisure and even issues which we are usually not consciously aware, such as genetics. Every other month, a scholar, member of an advocacy group, or representative from the private sector will be invited to come and discuss one aspect of Art Awareness from his/her perspective.

The Art Awareness in Education Lecture Series was founded and directed by Jason Bullock, CEO and Founder of GIRAFNetwork, currently working with Native Ink Studio on a self-sustaining source of revenue for fundraising to avoid dependence on federal grants. His program, titled Visual Basics: The Reality Around US through Art, focuses on the development and implementation of education as seen and understood through an artist's eyes of the sociotechnical worlds that sustain them.

The Art Awareness in Education Lecture Series has an announcement list for where to send information regarding when the next lecture is publicized. This list is moderated and is very low in traffic.

To subscribe to the announcement list, send an email to with the following message in the body:
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To unsubscribe, send an email to with the following message in the body:
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This lecture series is held once a month at different scheduled venues, schools, libraries, and colleges. The lectures are FREE of charge to attend unless otherwise indicated by the hosting venue. For more information contact: Jason Bullock

GIRAFNetwork co-sponsors the Art Awareness in Education Lecture Series with assistance from the varied organizations that schedule the event in their location.

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