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Special Feature

We have created a new feature for Hero Central... a KIDZ Page!
Photos 143 – means "Love" – Awesome photos, cutesey and otherwise included here! Stories Dench – means "grand as in Judy Dench" – great stories, illustrated or otherwise, poetry, literary materials.
Legends – Great and amazing stories of epic adventure – Family friendly webcomics, sequential stories, and graphic novel pages all chocked full of morality tales. YOLO – "You Only Live Once" – Cool digital games to boggle the mind.
FTW – "For the Win" – Gotta get'em all! Trading cards, stickers, and all kinds of collectables. LIT – This stuff's so hot, it's on fire! – Cool things you just gotta have for your computer screen, i.e. Banners and Wallpaper.
TMI – "Too Much Information" – Links, tutorials, and techniques for art, literature, and film. IMO – "In My Opinion" – Coming soon, a safe place to leave a comment or tag the spot with your friends.

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