Slip of the Tong

A Motion Graphic story series with vocals and unique sound effects telling one of the many stories across our superclusters of galaxies in the HC Universe.

These episodes focus on a young Tong-mate searching for fellow members of the ancient order that have been lost.

Tong Demo by Craig Wardlaw  


Each artist or artist/writer team up will submit a monthly humor strip, sequential serial, adventure or romance comic strip, pin up, or illustrated humor spot to be printed in hard copy release. These submissions should be of original characters/teams to avoid copyright infringement.

The format of each submission can be of several different choices, a 3 to 4 panel comic strip, a single or double page sequential comic page, a splash pin-up, or a quarter spot illustrated humor page. This variety is what attracts people to the Funny Pages in most newspapers each week.

The original submission will include 3 months of submissions in order to meet the printing requirements of the artists and any marketing plans they may develop. All submissions need to be done with 300 DPI minimum and in PNG or TIF extensions. So that would play out for example sending in the first strips, pages, or pin-ups from your studio. Please send a copy of your studio icon or logo image.

You should also send copies of any organizations that you may be required to post on any imprint release like the United Fanzine Organization or Fanzine Collector’s Collaborative, etc. Each release will need to have your email or website URL on it so readers can follow your work there.

These issues are great inspirations for you, your family, and friends. They are also a great selling item from your own sites and at conventions. Each contributor gets a free copy of every issue that they have a submission in. They can also get copies at half the cover cost to sell on their own and pocket the remaining money from the sales of their issues. It never hurts to have your work shown off in a collaborative like this promoting your work for you by fellow artists from around the world.

Send your submissions via to the following email:

Please send out this invitation to solid artists/writers that you feel will stick with several months of this project. It's going to be fun and inspiring to work with awesome fellow artists and writers.

Please email me back your replies and any comments you may have. I look forward to working with you all. The deadline for Issue #1 is November 15th, 2019.

Thanks again.

Jason Bullock



A collaborative submission-based release in the form of a full color magazine sized newsletter like used in newspapers called the "Sunday Funnies". This is monthly and open to submissions of all kinds and genres of storytelling, i.e. sequential pages, comic strips, pinups, illustrated humor spots, etc. All contributors will also have banners or logos of their studios or art groups displayed to meet any page obligations. A free copy is automatically sent to each contributor, and they're are eligible to get copies at a drastically reduced rate when ordered from us so they can be sold by contributors to their families, friends, and at convention shows to the public, or your own consignment agreements. Check back often for more information and examples of how to do this in your own area.

All submissions need to be at least 300 dpi and in .tif extensions or .png. We utilize protocols to move large files for free. Our email address is You can also ask any questions by emailing us there.

HC Studio


This story is going to be released exclusively in Cme2 as a monthly adventure serial.

Plot: Local sheriff must deal with overzealous senior citizen monster hunting crew in the forest of Oregon once rumors of the famous harry man-ape called Thunderfoot resurfaced in the small town of Devil's Hollow. Things are made painfully clear to all involved when rumor is discovered to be fact with the misadventures of this over-the-hill media hound come to light.

Main character: Sheriff Winston Burke, County Sheriff of Wallowa County, Oregon; roughly 40yo, brown hair, brown eyes, ruddish completion, stocky build with a beer gut; wears wire-rimmed glasses; standard brown and green uniform with hat, black gun belt with holster, steel toed hiking boots; roughly 5'11" and about 230 lbs.

Antagonist: Thunderfoot, main creature being sought after by the para-seniors monster hunting crew once rumor comes to light; 9', 600lbs, heavy long fur across head, neck, shoulders, forearms, sharp canines, back, lower abdomen, and shins; sharp canines, rugged claws (not pointed) on hands and feet, which are oversized and exaggerated, brown body coloring and darker brown on body fur listed above.
Special note: hypersenses ranging into the infrared and ultraviolet, enhanced strength and agility (can lift 1200lbs and carry 600lbs when running), can run speeds up to 40 mph and can leap up to 4 times his own height; extremely elusive and hard to photograph in the wild.