This is a Sci-fi oriented story where the lead Jack Gee aka BumbleJack deals with a series of internal and external struggles of development in his life. He must deal with his new assignment, class struggles, inter-personal interaction with the other people living on the UnderRail car, etc. All this world for him exists in a series of underground rail cars called collectively as Line 355. This story takes place in a couple hundred years from our own on Ganyemede, a moon of Jupiter in the SOL solar System. It combines sci-fi elements as well as DeiselPunk elements. All presented to the viewers in the art of Puppetry.

Experience the world of BUMBLEJACK ©2021 here with the previews of the upcoming characters and their catchphrases provided by the actual voice actors of the series. First up are some of the characters voiced by Jason Bullock, and they include Jack Gee, Chef D'Jour, Maiter Dee, and Warden Q1212. Other voice actors' efforts will soon follow.

Scene Test Script Jack Gee Audio Chef D'Jour Audio
Maiter Dee Audio Warden Q1212 Audio Eve L Audio 1
Eve L Audio 2 Eve L Audio 3 Eve L Audio 4
Eve L Audio 5    
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This story is going to be released as a Radio Drama in 2022.


We are also currently accepting auditions for additional characters in this series. Please email all submissions to herocentralstudio@gmail.com, but make sure to put THUNDERFOOT in the subject line.


Plot: Local sheriff must deal with overzealous senior citizen monster hunting crew in the forests of Oregon once the rumors of the famous hairy man-ape called Thunderfoot resurfaced in the small town of Devil's Hollow. Things are made painfully clear to all involved when rumor is discovered to be fact when the misadventures of this over-the-hill media-hound group comes to light.


Main character: Sheriff Winston Burke, County Sheriff of Wallowa County, Oregon; roughly 40yo, brown hair, brown eyes, ruddish completion, stocky build with a beer gut; wears wire-rimmed glasses; standard brown and green uniform with hat, black gun belt with holster, steel-toed hiking boots; roughly 5'11" and about 230 lbs.


Antagonist: Thunderfoot, main creature being sought after by the para-seniors monster hunting crew; 9', 600lbs, heavy, long fur across head, neck, shoulders, forearms, , back, lower abdomen, and shins; sharp canines, rugged claws (not pointed) on hands and feet, which are oversized and exaggerated, brown body coloring and darker brown on body fur listed above.

Special note: hypersenses ranging into the infrared and ultraviolet, enhanced strength and agility (can lift 1200lbs and carry 600lbs when running), can run speeds up to 40 mph and can leap up to 4 times his own height; extremely elusive and hard to photograph in the wild.


Keep checking back for more updates!